The need....

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The need....

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:53 am

We tumble across many posts on FB.... Twitter. ..tumble etc etc about joys of womenhood....hardships. ... jokes....value etc.... many bring tears to eyes..many stir unspoken emotions..While many go unnoticed...
us being a species known to be the weaker sex but deep down everybody knows how strong we actually are...have so many unanswered questions...uunexpressed feelings.... fears that trouble us.....though the sheer exhaustion put us up to sleep while putting our kids to sleep or while the better half is talking :-) there are countless nights we lay awake thinking.... those unfulfilled school girl dreams.... aspirations... and expectations..not only as a school girl... but not only as a young girl.... A fiancee. .. young bride... A mom. . And a wife....
The hectic life in Colombo... coupled with bad mannered fellow drivers, bus drivers to Tuk Tuk drivers... jealous Co workers to nasty bosses... to intensive to our emotions husband's. .is having a toll on our health and beauty. .. (of course. ..


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